Atlas Express's Mission Is To Focus On Serving Regional Roll formers at a Competitive Price

About Us

For 120 years, Atlas Bolt & Screw has been offering a broad line of fasteners. For over three decades Atlas has been dedicated to fasteners that reduce installation costs and extend the lives and enhance the performance of metal buildings worldwide with over 50 Billion construction fasteners sold.

A member of the Marmon Group, a Berkshire Hathaway Company, Atlas is one of the oldest operating companies and an acknowledged leader in the construction fastener industry.

Atlas is unique in the industry in four key areas:

  • Atlas Bolt & Screw is a true and vertically integrated manufacturer of fasteners assuring you the highest quality and cost effective supply
  • Atlas Bolt & Screw sells to roll formers and never competes with its customers
  • Extreme Customer focus with domestic service centers and secondary manufacturing locations providing inventory and closure fabrication
  • Atlas Bolt & Screw is a leader in innovation with a state of the art R&D Lab with the commitment of Marmon Group resources to provide leading edge products

Atlas Express is a dedicated program provided by Atlas Bolt & Screw to serve regional roll formers Our focus is primarily on providing fasteners and accessories for post frame construction.

Atlas Express’s mission is to focus on service of our customers' every day requirements efficiently and at a competitive price.

What this means for you;

  • Orders placed in the morning are typically ready to ship by the next business day.
  • Freight is free on orders of $1,750.
  • Orders are accurately filled and shipped complete.

Accessories include Stainless Steel Rivets, VersaVent Ridge Vent, EPDM Flashers, KwikFlash and AccuDRY Sealant.

New and Innovative Products

  • KwikFlash; a lead free and easy to use self-adhered flashing for skylights, ducts, parapet walls and for use in traditional lead applications. No fasteners required.
  • AccuDRY™; a new to the industry and non-profile specific sealant system for valleys trim and other difficult to seal building locations.
  • #10 Wood UltiMate® fastener; Lifetime warranty against red rust with zinc cast head and Dekfast Multi-Seal Washer to assure positive sealing even when driven at extreme angles.

    With Atlas Express you now have the opportunity to source from a true manufacturer which means you’re buying from an acknowledged leader in construction fastener systems –

    • Customers get a proven track record of quality and reliability; designing, manufacturing, and marketing fasteners for metal construction.

    We have dedicated inventory in place and ready to go, so call us at (866) 868-4777, fax (419) 289-2564, visit for an easy on line order experience or E-mail us at