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Oxyseal® Long Life Coatings

Oxyseal® Longlife Coating

Oxyseal is an effective, economical way to further protect Atlas fasteners from corrosion.

The basic plating is mechanically applied zinc with a minimum thickness of 0.3 mil. The post-plating film is carefully compounded to be nonconductive and acid resistant. It is also resistant to chipping, abrasion, and scuffing from socket impact.


Modified Acrylic - Epoxy Water Base (Flouropolymer Aluminum Teflon Base)

  • Dip - Spin; stirred well before use
  • Roof & metal building screws
  • Plated fasteners
  • Pneumatically driven fasteners
  • Deck screws
  • Fasteners requiring a nonconductive finish

Because applications vary, we assume no liability for use of this information.

Spectrum Custom Paint

Fasteners are individually spray painted with 1 mil thick Polyurethane Paint. Spectrum Paint has a finish of exceptional physical and chemical resistance. Computerized color assures a perfect match.

The Polyurethane Enamels are low gloss, two package coatings for use where extended exterior durability and high performance are required. The performance properties of Spectrum Paint coatings are ideal for metal surfaces.

  • 4-step process to assure tough, chip-resistant finish
  • Special UV protection guards against chalk and fading
  • Excellent physical and chemical performance
  • Excellent appearance over many types of substrates, whether smooth and impermeable or rough and porous
  • Ideal coating for Machine Tool industry with resistance to most lubricants and cutting oils
    Ideal coating for heat sensitive substances because of low temperature cure
  • Force dry curing
  • Non-photochemically reactive
  • Low gloss range
  • Full range of colors may be custom blended
  • Computer color matched for consistency
  • Excellent hardness and impact resistance
  • Good exterior durability

* actual paint color may vary from depiction above